Blood Moon

It’s been a while since my last post. What can I say life has a way of pulling you in other directions. While I never lost my interest in photography I had other issues that demanded my attention. I became the caregiver for my wife as she battled cancer, she was the strongest and most graceful woman I have ever known. I am sad to say that she lost her battle over a year ago. While I went through a time where I was grief-stricken, I remember how she always supported me in everything I took up, but most of all my photography. I dedicate this picture to the memories of my wife and the support that she gave me. This photo is of the past blood moon from January, it represents a new direction and interest in my photography. While I will still shoot wildlife and portraits, I will be exploring shooting landscape and night photography. I have a vision of where I want to go with my photography, I am busy taking courses and learning new techniques (for me). I am exploring lighting, filters and delayed shutter release. I am learning the capabilities of my new equipment and I hope to bring some new looks as I move forward in my journey. I look forward to your input and thoughts as I return to photography.


A Bigger Umbrella

I attended the Dogwood Festival in Perry Ga, after spending the day in town looking at all the exhibits, I made my way out to the fairgrounds where they were setting up for the balloons and for the free concert that night. This was one of the first balloons that was inflated and I did’nt think to much of the shot until I saw the umbrella in the foreground, that was when I saw something more and knew the shot was what I was looking for.