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About Jim Davis

I am an amateur photographer, I owe a lot of family and friends for helping me along. I love shooting sports, wildlife, landscape, and people in everyday activities.

Animal Expressions

Every cat that has taken up with me has been homeless, this little girl is no different. She has taken up residents on my back porch and always accompanies me when I go outside. I have a lot of birds that visit the cove I live in on the lake, so I try and get a few shots of the birds whenever possible. Sometimes I will have a half of dozen cats lounging around me when I am out shooting. I always keep an eye on them because I never know when a moment will come that is worth capturing.


Northern Shovelers

I love living on the lake and yesterday was special as a pair of Northern Shovelers dropped in for a visit. I have never seen any before and was excited to get these shots before they departed.DSC_2263

When Shooting Wildlife

Honestly, I planned my shot!! If you spend time photographing wildlife you know that even with all the planning, everything doesn’t happen like you planned it, take this shot for instance. I planned on getting this right out in front of me, I did my best to adjust my location as the action was happening. They just over ran where I thought it was going to take place. So I had a lot more in the shot than I wanted, so thats why it has the crop like this.  Yeah its sort of behind them too. Everything else turned out like I planned, so what happened? Action, Wildlife, and my inability to be a sprinter with my gear in hand to get the angle I was looking for. That’s just another day in shooting wildlife.

Barn Owl

I took this shot a few years ago while attending an event at Ocmulgee National Park. It was part of the Birds of Prey show that they have been putting on for the last few years. While the bird is not in the wild, it is a good chance to see them up close and learn about the different species

My Sweet Bella

I have taken many photo’s of Bella, what can I say she is always a joy you just can’t resist taking another shot. She is a smaller cat and everytime I lay down she is right there. She love to get outside and explore but she always stays near. Every morning when I get up I set down with a cup of coffee and turn on the computer, she will get right in front of the computer screen and sit there until I pay attention to her. She is the first one who greets me when I get home, and she is a pretty good alarm clock too.


One of the things that I will be working on in the future is shooting with my wide angle lens.  I have never been much with landscape photography, so I am studying on what makes a great photo. Now I know that this is nothing spectacular, but its my backyard and I did manage to capture the sunburst which was my intention as early on I just wanted to see what I could do with this new lens.  I am a Nikon shooter, why? Because thats what all my friends were shooting, so I figured it would be like having tips with me when I was out shooting with them, plus they have a strong understanding on the controls.  I plan to use it primarily for low light, but will be using it for landscapes too.

The Mega Wheel

The Mega Wheel was part of the attractions at the National Fair in Perry, Georgia. It was the first time I took my new camera and a new 20mm wide angle lens. I bought this lens for landscape and night photography. I have plans on getting more creative in night shooting, we will see in the coming months if I can put what I have been learning to practice.