Inspirational Photographers

Here are some of the photographers that I follow, I know many but these are the one’s that inspire me to do better. It maybe just through their work or it maybe through social networking with personal instructions. I have found that some photographers are more than happy to talk photography with you. Especially if you communicate with them on a regular basis. Give these artist a look and be sure to throw them a few likes or better yet, a few comments and watch them go to work for you. This list will grow, I have some that as soon as I get time to add them, I will update the list, or maybe you will be next. Hope you enjoy and happy shooting!!

Jim Hansen – A wonderful photographer and friend who has taught me a lot about photography. His work is exceptional and worth a visit. Jim post daily so you’ll be entertained with lots of breath taking photography. Jim does great nature and wildlife photography, but he shoots just about anything.

Ron McGinnis – I follow his work closely hoping that one day I can mimic his work. Truly inspiring work. Ron shoots a lot of equine photography and in my opinion is one of the top photographers in that field. He also shoots people and you will truly love the gritty nature of his shots. Give him a visit, I am sure you will find something you like. – I have enjoyed Phil’s blog, the beautiful birds and wildlife photo’s are outstanding. The action that he captures is certainly something to see. I don’t know how Phil continues to provide such entertaining photo’s, but he does!! Visit his blog and check out his work, I am sure it will be worth a visit. by Andy Porter is as inspirational as they come, beautiful work and some classes that if you find yourself in his neck of the woods I would definitely check out. Landscapes are exceptional, colors are vivid, what’s not to like, check him out.


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