Stealing Home

Your local ball park has many opportunities to get out and experiment with some action shots. I have always enjoyed shooting baseball and softball games. A few hours can prove to be a most enjoyable experience and get you a few prize shots too.


Protecting our Freedom

I had the pleasure accompanying my grandson and his boyscout troup for a two night stay on the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. I can say this it was a unique experience to sleep in the quarters that the enlisted men slept in, while it was possible to get some sleep it was way different from the comforts of home. This World War II carrier had a treat at every corner on every deck. There was lots of history on that ship combined with movies and documentaries. The ship is located on Patriot’s Point just outside of Charleston S.C. There was a destroyer and a submarine too.

Touching the Clouds

I used this in a comparison post earlier but I thought the full size version was needed. Its spring now, not to say cold weather is gone, but warmer days are mighty welcome these days. Soon it will be summer again and then we will be complaining about the heat. Soon we will all be planning vacations and visiting some of our favorite places. There are several of these big wheels in the United States, they are really cool, they have air conditioning, and they provide a view that is second to none. If you have a chance to ride one of these, be sure to carry your camera along, you will be able to see a lot of things from a different angle.