Big Cat at Heart

Photography or art, what you end up with is in the eyes of the creator. Some like it some don’t, its not necessarily there to met anybody’s approval or disapproval, it is a moment and a vision of the artist at the specific moment, today it is a masterpiece tomorrow trash. What counts is that you are getting those creative moments recorded to be liked or disliked in days to come. I know when I first started shooting there were photo’s that I was real proud of , proud that I had learned something new and was proud to share it, only to delete it years latter as I developed more understanding and skills. That’s why I love photography, some moments are meant to be cherished forever some are just for a moment in time, what counts is that it brought you joy for that moment, whether it last for a few days or years to come. We all have created something that was a gem and on time and later was just not what we think it could have been, I keep a few copies around all the time, as software is developed and my ability to see something different in the shot is cultivated from seeing others work or even as my skills as a photographer improve. Your thoughts are always welcome so drop me a message and give me your thoughts.