Angry Bird

Everyday I feed the ducks and the geese show up to battle for the rights to the feed. Here one of the geese gets angry when I take a shot.


5 thoughts on “Angry Bird

  1. Anita

    So many lovely pictures I found here at your site!
    When I click to comment I can´t see the picture that I like to write about. I suppose you want it to be like that, but it makes it easier if you see the picture when you write about it. I´m not here to complain, I really like your site and your photographs. Thanks for following, I do the same 🙂

    1. Jim Davis Post author

      Anita, I am not sure what is going on with my page, it does the same thing here for me. It might be because I no longer have a paid site, or maybe the theme. Thank you for your comments and visiting my site.

      1. Anita

        It must depend on your theme, not if you paid for it. I have tried both and now using a free theme. Hopefully you fix it otherwise you may be able to change the theme. Though I know it means a bit of work finding one that suits what one wants. I will continue to follow your site regardless!

      2. Jim Davis Post author

        Thanks Anita, I may check out some others, just really liked the way the front page was displayed, may have to change because I am not happy with the photo not being displayed once clicked on. Thanks for your comments and honesty about my page.

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