Its His

As this cowboy enters the arena cheer him on, he has earned it. His name might be Dad, Friend, or Boss, whichever it maybe to each individual, know that he has been working in sight and the background to bring the happiness to the day. You can be sure in times of trouble he is ready to take flight to come to those in need and to provide everyone with a safe, entertaining day. Hats off to all the cowboys out there, what ever you do, this is you!!

Maybe your a firefighter, policeman, or soldier, we thank you for your service. We all have a little cowboy in us, so celebrate the cowboy/cowgirls in your life and give them thanks.


4 thoughts on “Its His

    1. Thank you Judy, yes he has seen all the photography that I have taken at there arena, I have had a lot of personal invites and really feel at home with these folks. They are really friendly people and some people just have a presence about them that tells their character, and this man definitely fits that, I don’t know a lot about him, but I do have much respect for him.

      1. Besides showing people at their best with your photographic arts, the respect you have for your subjects shows in your accompanying text too. It is really a great thing!!

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