Its Looking Up Around Here!!

Well I am working with new to me editing and so far its a bust. If at first you don’t succeed…….. Find another way to do it. No I’ll keep trying but so far its been a challenge. Hard light and shadows sometimes make it difficult to get the look you are trying to achieve so I am trying to learn spot editing. With all that said.. I want to thank all of you for making this site successful, your likes and comments have meant a lot and they drive me into sharing more of my work. I don’t claim that all of it will be good, but I’ll make a fair effort into showing you some good stuff. I do thank all of you who have followed me, and I will do my best to return the gesture. It doesn’t have to be photography, just entertaining, so I will be checking out your pages as well. I do try to read the post most of the time, but somedays  with my real job, time is limited so I will always try and catch up on the post when I can. I enjoy seeing how each of you enjoy your hobbies or trade. I’ll be searching the feeds for your works, Thanks again!!


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