In Tandem

While I was out shooting birds in the afternoon sun, I heard some geese squawking and I knew they were about to take flight. So I turned and saw that they were in the heavy shadows that had fell over the cove I was in. So with no time to make adjustments I took the shots anyways. They came out dark, so I adjusted them the best I could. This is with Camera Raw adjustments no plug-ins. In the photography world I messed up, but sometimes when the action is upon you, if you want the shot you just got to take what you can get. One day maybe I will have another camera with settings set for the shadows.


5 thoughts on “In Tandem

  1. Sometimes fortune favors those who act even when not prepared. This is a beautiful catch of the Canadas, Jim, and I like what you’ve done to recover the details from a less-than-ideal exposure! -Gary

    1. Thank you Gary, all of us who get out in nature know that not every event can be covered, so roll with it when it happens. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. Everything isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you see you pull up your camera just in time just to catch it. I am abysmal at birds in flight and seem to do better when its hurry up and shoot and rely on a quick auto focus. I really need to concentrate in this area. Sometimes a wonderful composition with less than ideal capture can still make an interesting artistic effort with the wealth of photo filters out there. I like the colors of this picture, positions of the geese and the fact that one of them has its beak open like its having an nice evening chat with its flight companion.

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