2015 April Fools Ride

As an amateur photographer I spend a lot of time solo in the hobby I love. It is always rewarding when your subjects show some appreciation for what you do. A word, smile, wave, or a thumbs up is worth the time that you spend getting out there in the elements to get the shots. I shot this event for no other reason than to fulfill a request for my granddaughter. I sure did enjoy the gestures as they rode by. While this was not a paying event, it may someday pave the way for my goal of making a profit for my countless hours spent doing what brings me much joy.

Gettin On The Gear

I have several Grandson’s that are very active when it comes to athletics. This one is no different, he loves baseball and he is good at it. He is getting ready between innings. One thing about shooting League or little league baseball is you have to do it from behind a fence, so it will give you some focus problems from time to time with the fence, but if you are successful in holding the camera still, just focus on your subject and the fence will vanish from the photo.