Modern Cowgirl

When I took this shot I thought I caught her on her phone, she later told me that she was scratching her ear. Oh well, she loved the shot anyways.


11 thoughts on “Modern Cowgirl

  1. Again a painterly feel, rich darker background, love the other two figures adding depth in the back and the foreground rider just pops…really appealing!

    1. Thanks Judy, I used a plugin on this shot to give it the painterly feeling. I like the Topaz Lab products, and I have used Nik Collection in conjunction. They do pretty well together.

      1. I also like and use NIK filters but cannot say I haven’ t been tempted to try Topaz. I really ought to add that to my tool box and play. I tend to wait a long time before adding things if only because I can spin my wheels with too many choices. Just me I guess. It is so very nicely used the way you do.

  2. Judy, the only ones I use is Topaz Detail, Simplify, and Adjust. I tried them all on a trail, If youdo that and signup on their site they will send you discounted offers to tempt you into buying, I bought two of the three programs for 50% off.

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