Bella relaxing on the AC unit.


3 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. I love cat’s eyes in general, this is just so nice!! One of my son’s has cats so I only get to try and shoot them when I visit which is sadly not as often as I’d like. This is great!

    1. Judy this one is the ham, she seems to love the camera, or maybe its just the walks she takes with me when I am out shooting. I love visits from my grands, they don’t like me taking pictures that much of them, but I always get a few.

      1. Yeah I do a bit of coaxing with mine too. My two are in Norcross…not sure how close your town is to them. Wish I could have more time with them for shooting and just for hanging out. Luckily my daughter in law loves being in pictures and that helps me out quite a bit. If you type in Elise and Coco into my site one grand kid and one of my few cat pics should come up. 🙂

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