Cowboy Talk

This youngster stole the show, he was energetic as he went about his day. You couldn’t help but to keep your eyes on him because everything was happening around him. He was a one man show, even when he stepped out of the scene for a minute or two you would find yourself searching the crowd for him. Here he talks with the owner of Rolling Hills Stable, and you get the sense that they were talking horsemanship. Great day and great show!!


3 thoughts on “Cowboy Talk

  1. Jim, I wanted to find a place where I could start by saying how much I have and am enjoying your work here. No ‘About Me’ page I see??? I love so many of the images so just wanted to give you that general appreciation along with notes on specific images I am in love with. So will do that here with this one which I love.

    The expression you caught and the quality you gave to the photo is just great! I bet the owner of Rolling Hills Stable loved it too!

    Thank you for checking out my neck of the woods too as that is always appreciated!!

    1. Judy I was quite impressed with your work, love seeing photos that teach, you work has quality written all over them. I have been fortunate that where ever I have participated that great photographers have took interest in me and my work, great photographers teach from there work, it has taught me how to see things and your work is certainly that kind of quality that helps one develop there eyes.
      Rolling Hills hung that one in there Stables, and as far as my about me page, I working on it. Sometimes I have to let it sit a bit before I get across what I really want to say. I do have a draft that is a work in progress. I owe you another visit, Thank you, for a great tribute to my work, can’t tell you how much that makes me happy.

      1. Oh good, I’ll certainly enjoy seeing more of your work and play!! Time for me to hit the follow button so I can do that!! What you are showing is beautiful so you are an apt student! Still learning here too!!

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