Brownie Brown Eyes

People aren’t the only spectators at an event, the pets love to come out and take a stroll with their family. I remember my yellow lab, he was a great dog, best friend I ever had. He would await my arrival at home and would cut up when I pulled in the driveway, it was almost like he was talking to me. I don’t have a dog now but have more than enough cats, but I sure can appreciate a dog, they all seem to know if you like them or not. I used to see it in my dog, my cousin didn’t like dogs and my dog knew it, he would growl and his hair would stand up on his back at the very site of him. It wasn’t because my cousin and I weren’t close, cause we hunted and fished together on a regular basis, maybe that’s what he didn’t like. Well I had to take a shot of this pretty dog as he relaxed and spent the day with its family.


4 thoughts on “Brownie Brown Eyes

    1. Wow Judy you really flatter me with you comments, I can tell by your comments that you know photography well. I just love animals they really are worth watching at the events, the children too, can’t tell you how many shots I get on the side, keeps things interesting.

      1. Not meaning to be overly effusive and its not all that typical of me, but I genuinely loved so many of your shots. And, it is true I love post processing and admire the styles of others which are different from mine but which I like a lot. I am so grateful for all the tools we have to create a look or even just adjust a shot to look like the natural scene which attracted you to take the picture in the first place. Capture and what you saw through the viewfinder are not always the same. When I was a child I loved drawing pictures of horses from books I read. So the fact you captured the action and spirit so well was just a treat. Thanks for that!

      2. Judy by all means I love talking photography and appreciate everything you have said. I am a firm believer in post processing, I try not to over do things but sometimes I burn one and when I do someone usually tells me. I too appreciate how someone expresses their talents, although sometimes in my case its anything but, but I love learning and sometime we have to learn from a mistake or two. It certainly is a pleasure to hear how you like my photo’s well some of them anyways. I look forward to seeing your work also, and I hope we can share our views from the view finder for many years to come.

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