Blinders On!!

Shot this one last year while I was attending the harness race in Hawkinsville, Ga. I always take hundreds of shots so I’ll be sure to have one or two to show off :). I do love photography and each and everyone of the photo’s. I always hang onto some that I never post just because one day I might want to work on a project or try something new. I think the photo’s tell you a lot about what to look for next time out, and more importantly what I might have done better, as far as settings, position, if I am holding my camera parallel to the ground. Yea that’s why I need post processing to fix the me factor.


2 thoughts on “Blinders On!!

  1. Since I love horses yet hardly ever get to see them, I enjoy the detail of the bridle, leather strapping and blinders..loads of texture between the leather straps, and the horse itself. Great portrait.

    1. Shooting horses has been my mainstay, for almost two years now, I try to make all the events I can, your comments after seeing your work are really appreciated, you do a really fantastic job with your photography as well. Thank you so much for taking time to view my work.

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