Cat Eyes

I took a half a dozen shots of my cat Bella today as she was sitting on the porch waiting on me to return from a trip down to the lakefront. I liked the shot, but tonight the thought came to mind to crop it in close and use Topaz Adjust to give it some light HDR effects.


The Pose

Pictured is my cat Bella. With this shot I am going to try to tell myself to choose the shot, While I do take a lot of shots when I am shooting action, when I am shooting a still or something that maybe a little slower I need to work on picturing the shot in my mind before I press that shutter button. I reckon with my action shooting where I take multiple shots that I carry that over to everything else. I think that if I can do this it will help me develop an eye for the shot and also be less wear and tear on my equipment. Sometimes changing the way you do things is difficult at first but if you work on it, you can become successful.

The Down Pour

It was one of those days where the heat and humidity was cranking, keeping one eye on the arena and the other eye on the weather, I was thankful I had someone there that had a canopy set up. We were talking if the young lady would get her run in before it started rain. As soon as she entered the arena it started raining we all dashed for the canopy as the heaven opened up, I did my best to get some shots of her as we were all trying for the same spot under the canopy. The wind was blowing the rain in on us, but we were setting pretty good compared to the girl and her horse. It was pouring in buckets by the time she reached the third barrel. As she exited the arena all racing was stopped as the water was standing all around us. Would have liked to have gotten a better shot, but what can you do when everybody is getting in front of you while your trying to shoot. Don’t blame them cause that rain was cold, Even though I cut the horse’s head off they loved the photo of the wet run.

Country Living

I took this shot this past Thanksgiving morning when I was requested to come out and take some shots of the family at Manley Arena. I always find time to take a few shots prior to shooting a session just to make sure I am dialed in on my settings so I took the liberty of shooting the scenery as they were getting ready. I could sure get used to a place like this and it is always an enjoyable experience when you are invited out to their homes.