Awaiting the Run

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the riders and their horses over the past year and a half as I followed the barrel racers in Ga. This one was shot while attending an event in Ft. Valley, Ga. I love shooting the action in and around the arena’s. You never know what is taking place so it pays to keep you eye on the crowd too. These horses seem to carry there dress and colors with pride. Sure makes for some great Saturday racing action.


Bella is my forth cat, she was a stray that just came up one day, and never left. She decided to join the family. She loves to help me when I am filling the bird feeder, she is always watching me from above. She’ll scamper up the tree and watch for birds, the birds will move to the other side of the tree and she’ll move over to where they are and then they’ll move to another spot. She loves to accompany me while I am out shooting and walking the lake front.